Our staff

Our staff

Who do we employ?

At Compass Wellbeing, we employ a wide range of dedicated professionals, who provide a high-quality service in line with their knowledge, expertise and training.

Our comprehensive Talking Therapies team consist of the following staff:

  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapists
  • Clinical Counsellors
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Counselling Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists

Within the School Health team we have:

  • School Nurses
  • Nursery Nurses
  • Support Workers

Our Family Nurse Partnership services are delivered by:

  • Qualified Midwives
  • Specialist Nurses

Our Corporate team provides specialist support relating to the following:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Contracts & Performance Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing

Staff Quotes:


I am learning every day and I am learning with every patient as well, but I hope by listening and I really mean listening we give the patient the ability, possibility to really explore their emotion, their feelings without any hindrance or without having to edit themselves. I think importantly what our team offers is empathy. What does that mean? It means being able to walk in someone else’s shoes, we do that and we try and understand as much as possible and reflect together with the patient on what is happening in their life.”

- Edith Simmons, Counsellor


My role has been to help young first time parents, mostly mothers, supporting them from pregnancy till the child’s 2nd birthday. We help them make realistic goals to achieve those goals, within this they get a sense that they are worth something in life and are special people in this society. They are really the trailblazers, we are not, and their children in 16 years’ time will have a complete change and outlook in life.”

- Sharon James, Family Nurse
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