High Quality Service Delivery

We focus on the experience of our service users, aiming for excellence in all we deliver. We are never complacent and always strive to improve. That means listening to feedback and responding to what we are hearing.

Developing and Valuing Staff

We know that our staff are our greatest asset. If you work for us we want to enable you to do the best that you can. That means we need to create an enabling and compassionate culture, listening to any

concerns you have and provide opportunities for you to learn, develop and be stimulated at work.

Building Trusting Relationships

We believe in building trusting relationships with our service users, staff and stakeholders. That involves honesty and integrity and following through on what we say we're going to do. We listen to others in order to understand rather than blame and judge.

We try to respect difference and be compassionate to ourselves and others. When we make mistakes the key is how we deal with them. We need to take responsibility for what we do and learn for the future.

Passion for Communities

Our values are rooted in making a difference for the communities we work with, making sure our service users feel listened to, supported and encouraged, helping them with the issues that really matter to them. We actively make sure that those who most need our help are able to get it and that we are responsive and inclusive to diverse cultural groups.

Because we really believe in what we do, we are passionate about our work, making a difference to local people and transforming lives.

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