CQC Inspection Report

CQC Inspection Report

Outstanding Practice! Report on the service we provide for children, young people and families.


We are delighted to be able to publish our CQC Final Inspection Report that we recently received. They do not give overall ratings to smaller organisations, however they found areas of outstanding practice and no areas of concern. The focus of the inspection was on the School Health Service and we are incredibly proud of the quality of work that was recognised in this inspection.

Key points they found were:

  • An area of outstanding practice was in the way nurses “identify and manage service users' mental health issues”
  • Evidence of an open culture where safety concerns were valued as integral to learning and improvement
  • Leaders modelled and encouraged cooperative, supportive relationships among staff so that they felt respected, valued and supported
  • The service learned, shared lessons, identified themes and took action to improve safety
  • Outcomes for people who used the service were positive, consistent and met expectations

The Tower Hamlets School Health Service has come a very long way and we are incredibly proud of the team that continually work to improve the quality of service to our children and young people. A big thank you to all our staff, across the organisation, for their dedication and hard work into achieving such a positive result.  


View the full report here.

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