National Awareness Days

National Awareness Days

Discover what days we celebrate with our local community


May is National Tell a Story Month!

2nd- World Asthma Day; A day to improve asthma awareness and care around the world

4th- World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day; promoting positive mental health for mothers all over the world

5th- Save Lives, Clean Your Hands! Support the World Health Organisation's campaign to help stop the spread of infections and diseases

9th- National Bike to School Day; Encouraging children and young people to get active on their way to school

12th- International Nurses Day; A day to say thank you to all the nurses who work hard to keep us happy and healthy

13th- 19th- Food Allergy Awareness Week; A week to raise awareness and support for those who are living with a life changing food allergy

13th- National Children's Day; A day all about the importance of having a happy and healthy childhood and helping all young people to achieve this

14th-20th- Mental Health Awareness Week; A day to join together to break the silence around mental health by raising support and awareness

15th- International Day of Families; 'A day to recognise this year's important theme of 'Families and Inclusive Societies'

18th- International Museums Day; Recognising and celebrating the cultural and educational value of museums all over the world

21st- Walk to School Week; Helping children and young people to get more active and to ease congestion


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