National Awareness Days

National Awareness Days

Discover what days we celebrate with our local community


5th - International Day of Charity. Recognition of the roles of charities in alleviating poverty and disaster all over the world.

10th - World Suicide Prevention Day. Promotes worldwide action to prevent suicides.

16th - National Eczema Week. Health awareness for those who suffer from eczema.

21st - International Day of Peace. Calls for a day of international peace and ceasefire and to halt violence and hostility.

26th - European Day of Languages. Celebrates language and cultural diversity.


Black History Month, ADHD and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

10th - World Mental Health Day. Raising awareness and support for mental health issues globally.

11th - International Day of the Girl Child. A day dedicated to highlighting issues of gender inequality and discrimination of the female population.

16th - World Food Day. A day to raise awareness about climate change, agriculture, hunger and malnutrition.

17th - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. A day to promote awareness and the desperate need to eradicate poverty globally.

18th - Anti slavery Day. Promoting awareness about slavery and support for victims of trafficking.

26th - 10 Year Celebration of FNP Event at Compass Wellbeing!


1st - National Stress Awareness Day. Raising awareness about stress and its' effects and promoting wellbeing.

13th - Anti-Bullying Week. This week shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages everybody to put an end to it.

13th - Also World Kindness Day. A day that encourages random acts of kindness!

20th - Universal Children's Day. Promoting international togetherness and promoting children's welfare and wellbeing.

25th - International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This day highlights awareness, prevention and support for victims of gender-based violence.


1st - Anger Awareness Week. A week to encourage people to think about how anger impacts on their lives.

2nd - International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Focuses on the eradication of all forms of modern day slavery.

10th - World Human Rights Day. To celebrate rights and freedoms of worship, speech and movement.

10th - International Animal Rights Day. To promote the rights of animals and raise awareness about cruelty prevention.

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