National Awareness Days

National Awareness Days

Discover what days we celebrate with our local community


8th - National Obesity Awareness Week. Aiming to improve the nation's health and promote healthy eating, exercise and physical wellbeing.

21st - World Religion Day. Promoting the values that underpin all religions and appreciating everyone's spirituality and humanity.

27th - National Storytelling Week. Celebrating literacy, communication, creativity and imagination through storytelling.



1st - Time to Talk Day. Wherever you are, talk about mental health today.

2nd - NSPCC Number Day. A maths inspired fundraising day for the NSPCC.

5th - Children's Mental Health Week. Encouraging children to be themselves and celebrate their qualities.

5th - Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week. Raising awareness about sexual abuse and sexual violence and services that support survivors.

6th - Safer Internet Day. Promoting the safe use of digital technology for children and young people.

17th - Random Act of Kindness Day. Encouraging people to carry out a random act of kindness.

22nd - World Thinking Day. International day to speak out against issues that affect girls and young women around the world.

26th - Fairtrade Fortnight. To raise awareness and educate about fair trade and health awareness.

26th - Eating Disorders Awareness Week. An international day to increase understanding of eating disorders.

28th - Rare Disease Day. A global day to increase recognition and education about rare diseases and the importance of research around them.


1st - World Book Day. Celebrating authors, illustrators, books and reading all over the world.

1st - University Mental Health Day. A day to promote awareness and support for the mental health and wellbeing of students.

6th - National Conversation Week. To increase conversation, to keep in touch, talk about problems, meet new people or just have a chat!

8th - International Women's Day. A celebration and appreciation of females, specifically raising political and social awareness of the struggles women face worldwide.

9th - British Science Week. A 10 day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

10th - Disabled Access Day. Celebrating good access and creating opportunities for people and raising the profile of disabled access in public places.

15th - International School Meals Day. Raising awareness of good nutrition for all children in school and promoting healthy diets globally.

20th - International Day of Happiness. A day to recognise and promote human happiness and wellbeing.

20th - World Oral Health Day. A day to encourage people to think about their oral hygiene.

26th - World Autism Awareness Week. Educating and raising awareness about autism and helping to better understand people with this disability.

30th - World Bipolar Day. Raising awareness and improving sensitivity towards this illness.


Stress Awareness Month

7th - World Health Day. Drawing attention to the important issue of global health. 


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