Quality Account 2016/17

Quality Account 2016/17

Another positive Quality Account from Compass Wellbeing!

Quality Accounts

Each year, all services and health providers within the NHS must submit a quality account, which reports an update on service quality, patient safety, effective treatment rates and plans for any future improvements. When published, the quality accounts are accessible to the public, stakeholders and local communities.

Compass Wellbeing Quality Account 2016-2017

We have recently published our third quality account after coming out of Barts Health and being awarded tender to operate as a social enterprise.

Our most recent quality account can be found on this website.

Services We Provide

Tower Hamlets CCG and The London Borough of Tower Hamlets commission Compass Wellbeing to provide the following services:

  • Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Team (IAPT)
  • Practice-based Psychology & Counselling Team
  • Asian Counselling Service
  • Primary Care Perinatal Psychology Team for parents and under 5’s
  • Disability and Health Counselling Team
  • School Health Service
  • Family Nurse Partnership

We will also soon be implementing a new Employment Advisor service for clients who access the IAPT services.

Service Achievements

Over the last year, Compass Wellbeing have focused their efforts in the following areas across all services; Safeguarding, Domestic Violence and Signs of Safety Training, Duty Management, Recording and Auditing Risk, Note Keeping, Audits and Incident Reporting and Complaints. This has helped to improve not only the quality of our services, but their safety and credibility too.

Our staff members have been working closely with the Designated Nurse for Safeguarding for Tower Hamlets CCG, who oversees safeguarding issues for all of their commissioned services, and can access specialist supervision amongst services that experience a lot of safeguarding issues. Alongside this, updated safeguarding policy and training has been implemented to ensure staff members remain up to date in managing this issue.

A new risk reporting system has been developed that was rolled out to staff in July 2017. The new system, Radar, will help to reinforce health and safety standards and ultimately protect staff and clients who are a part of the service. 

Compass Wellbeing staff members were happy to report that no major incidents or formal complaints were reported to the service and strive to continue in providing high quality, effective services to the wider community.

Looking Forward

In order to continue improving the services, we have agreed areas of priority with commissioners that will ensure on-going quality, client satisfaction and ultimately, better community health outcomes.

These areas include accessibility of services to certain groups of people who may be accessing the services less than others. Whilst we, as a service, want to increase the number of referrals to the service overall, they would especially like to see an increase in people over 65 years accessing the IAPT services, people from Black and Minority Ethnic groups (BME) and people who are living with long term health conditions.

We look forward to working with commissioners, stakeholders and clients in the upcoming year to ensure the continual development and success of our services.


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