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Employment Advice

Employment Advice

Employment Advice

Our Employment Advice Service takes a holistic approach, which works in conjunction with the IAPT talking therapies service, tackling mental health and employment together.

For those living with common mental health conditions, being employed can be a vital step to recovery. Conversely, being unemployed increases the risk of developing mental health problems and is associated with increased rates of depression. Research from the Mental Health Foundation has found that 85% of those who are out of work experience mental ill health.

The benefits of being in work can include a greater sense of identity and purpose, having a more active part in society, a greater opportunity to widen your social circle, developing coping and resilience skills, and maintaining financial security.

How we can help

We work with individuals with common mental health problems to understand their situation and tailor our support to meet their needs and aspirations.

Our Employment Advisors can work alongside the clinical team providing practical support in planning and reaching your employment goals.

If you are looking for work we can:

  • Provide careers advice and guidance
  • Assist you in writing a great CV/ filling out application forms and preparing for interviews
  • Help you search for jobs, training and volunteering opportunities
  • Provide access to welfare benefits advice

If you are on sick leave we can:

  • Explore return to work solutions with your employer
  • See what adjustments might help you
  • Support a return to work that is managed and achievable for you

If you are struggling in work we can:

  • Address any difficulties at work that are affecting your wellbeing
  • Help you gain support from employers, human resources or occupational health departments
  • Advise you on a new career pathway or job opportunity

Refer to Employment Advice

If you would like to be referred to the Employment Advice Service, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Anyone currently accessing IAPT services with Compass Wellbeing
  • Anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Tower Hamlets area
  • Anyone who is experiencing a common mental health problem such as stress, anxiety or depression and are worried about the impact this is having on your job
  • If you’ve been off work a long time due to your mental health and are keen to get back into employment

Referral Guidance

You can contact Compass Wellbeing on 0207 791 9479 to speak to someone about the employment support on offer or follow the link below:

Click here to refer yourself

You can also ask your GP or other health/social care professional to refer you to the service. The referrals team will conduct a brief assessment to make sure the service is able to help you.

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