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Our team

Our team

Our talking therapies offer a range of treatments with great results to the community. Using a variety of treatments including, individual therapy and courses based on the clients needs, we aim to reach the level of wellbeing our clients wish to achieve.

Who are we?

Within our talking therapies service, we have experienced and accredited healthcare professionals working in the following teams:

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Team (IAPT)

This service is part of the national drive to increase access to evidence based psychological therapy services for common mental health problems. Our staff provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions for mild to moderate mental health problems.

Practice based Psychology and Counselling Team

Primary Care Psychologists and Counsellors work in General Practice settings providing assessments and treatments for those who need more specialist help.

Perinatal Team

This team provides psychological therapy for pregnant women and their partners and for parents of children under 5 years old. The service supports parents who are worried about their mood or their relationships in pregnancy and in the early years of their child's life. Parents can be seen individually or as a couple and sessions are typically offered in Children Centres.

Disability and Health Counselling Team

The Disability and Health Counselling team provide specialist counselling for individuals, carers and families with acquired or congenital disabilities, sensory impairments or long term health conditions.

Asian Counselling Team

This team provides counselling in Bengali/Sylheti, for people from the Bangladeshi community, who want to be seen by someone from their own background.

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